Winds at 850 hPa at the 24th hour for Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania refers to the predicted wind direction and speed at a pressure level of 850 hPa, which is located in the lower troposphere (1,500 meters or 5,000 feet above the Earth’s surface). The winds are presented in knots (kt), and the direction is given in degrees from true north. Winds with magnitude of more than 20 kt are marked in shades of red. Being close to the Earth’s surface it is strongly influenced by surface features such as mountains, valleys, and bodies of water. It gives insight into the strength and direction of wind flow in the lower troposphere, affecting the movement of weather systems and the transport of heat, moisture, and pollutants in the atmosphere. Depiction also shows the temperature along with the wind barb on the grid points at 850 hPa. Along with the wind speed (kt) and direction, upper air temperatures (Deg C) are also shown at the grid points over the  Australian Region at 850 hPa level for the next ten days.

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